The app

All communication happens directly between your app and the server of your library. We do not store any data about you, as we do not know any data about you. We do not see your search request, account details or anything else. Please contact your library for their privacy policy.

In regular intervals, the app contacts our server to fetch updated data about the libraries. Also, the app may contact our server in case of an application error. We need this to ensure the ongoing quality of the app, but we will never transmit or store personal data.

There is one exception: In some libraries the library’s catalogue does not support the ‘Share’ feature on his own. In this case the link you can send from the app’s ‘Share’ dialog will go through our server.

The website

If you access this website, the accessed address is stored together with a timestamp. However, we do not store your IP address or anything else we could relate to you. We do directly embed external content.

We use Piwik, a free and open source web analytics too, to analyze and optimize our website. We therefore store statistical data, but we cannot relate this data to you as a person, as we anonymize your IP address. All data is stored in German datacenters. We will not track anything about your visit if you have the ‘Do Not Track’ header enabled in your web browser.